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Little Boats
Little Boats
Grateful to be a little boat, full of water, still floating.

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I love my skin!

All skin is beautiful!

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fruit playing an important part in my summer 2k13 

she takes the best selfies

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Halloween flamingos from Florida

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Alexander Ferrario and Eli Hall @ Betsey Johnson S/S 2015 New York.

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AHHH This was really fun and relaxing !

A long time ago Jandruff, an artist I admire a lot, did some paintings on mirrors. I always thought the idea was really cool and wanted to try it myself. Then several weeks ago I was walking by an antique shop and ended up buying 5 different shaped mirrors. I plan to paint Sailor scouts on all of them eventually. For now, can’t paint anyone but Neptune on a hand mirror of course.

She is for sale, if you are interested please message me. : )

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